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Scatter and Bar charts in the ground. Next is an area chart.


I wrote this to lock down some really bad habits I had at project startup. I committed to a consistent start with `stack new readme-lhs`, and spent a day refactoring my workflow. Along the way, I added protolude and a bit of a plug for literate coding.


Once I get some decent charts, I'm going to clean up perf, which is my performance R&D space.


hrefactor is a chunk of code left over after I switched to spacemacs, having eliminated everything else. It does an opinionated and automated (style) "refactor" over an entire hs file, adding hlints and ghc warns (via flycheck), cleans up pragmas, imports, applies hindent and respaces the document. It's so very clunky - regex'ing hlint suggestions and applying buffer-level edits aint my strong suit. But I'm yet to find a replacement...


Incremental statistics that decay over time.